Send Money Home

With OceanPay, you can send money home without leaving the ship! To perform a wire or draft, simply login to your OceanPay account and select Global Currencies. The OceanPay Wire Service is a fast and secure way to send money worldwide.

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Send money from your OceanPay card for pick up at one of 510,000 Western Union locations worldwide, without leaving the ship. With OceanPay, you spend less time managing your money and more time enjoying life.

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Countries Available for Western Union Card to Account Service.

Please be advised of additional regulatory requirements just imposed by Indian Banks for the processing of inbound INR payments.

All INR wire payments to India will require the below additional information in order to be processed without delays:

  • Explain the relationship between the remitter (sender) and beneficiary.
  • What is the nature of the payment to beneficiary by the remitter (example- "Family Support").
  • Type of beneficiary account held with beneficiary bank (example- saving account, non-resident external account, non-resident ordinary account, etc.)
  • Purpose of Payment (POP) code. A unique identification number provided by local authority (Reserve Bank of India) to the beneficiary.

Click here for a list of the POP codes.